Web Design

think new IDEA

Websites require substantial thought so as to ensure that
they can convey the desired message.

We don’t just “make websites.”

Making a website is not hard these days. However, when we design a site, we try to fully understand the client’s business and vision first. Our mission is to help them advance their business not just “make a website.”

Maximizing appealing effects through the broad use of expressions

We can offer a wide range of expressive methods through the collaboratione of our video production team and graphic design team. What differentiates us from other production companies is our ability to utilize the expert skills possessed by the company even when the timeframes and budget are limited.

Functioning as a team

For every single website project, we form a team of 4–6 people consisting of sales personnel, directors, and designers. And we are also able to provide filming, translation, and SEO consulting services. We form teams and cooperate with our partners as necessary.

We also design recruitment websites.


  • Planning and layout
  • Web design
  • CMS implementation
  • Operation
  • Content planning
  • HTML coding
  • Data collection and copywriting
  • Filming and video production

In addition to the above, we are also able to provide SEO measures and content marketing.

We can make proposals in cooperation with outside partners, as necessary.


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