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Information Security Policy

We at ibma believe that it is our mission to respond to the expectations of our stakeholders, including our clients and our employees and their families, and to contribute to society through the provision of design services.

In our business activities, we utilize a wide range of information assets, including personal information acquired from our clients, and we recognize that, in order to respond to the expectations of all stakeholders, protecting such information assets is our most-important management issue.

Therefore, we hereby declare that we will formulate a basic information security policy, based on which we will build and operate an ISMS (information security management system), and in response to the changes in the business environment in which the company operates, we will strive to make continuous improvements as a company.

In addition, the company sets forth the following security goals and will take various measures to achieve those goals.

  • ● Respect and comply with agreements concluded with clients as well as with all legal and regulatory requirements.
  • ● Prevent information security incidents from occurring.
  • ● In the event that an information security incident occurs, minimize the impact.

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Ver. 1, August 1, 2019

ibma Co., Ltd.

Yukinori Takeda, representative director