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Remaining at hand, staying in memory Appealing gimmicks

We create something exciting that people will want to tell somebody about.

Rather than selecting things based on budget, quantity, or other conditions, we focus on “surprises,” “excitement,” and “satisfaction,” which cannot be measured in figures. In this era of social media, such pure feelings have the power to disseminate themselves, leading to excellent advertising effects. It is our mission to deliver products that will be truly appreciated and that you will be glad you made.

Planning, design, and quality control

When creating original items, our designers and planners remain in close communication during the project. Because it is possible to take a design into consideration from the early stage of selecting the materials and form. Also, we believe that it is important for us to confirm quality with our own eyes, and this also leads to high satisfaction among clients.

Even when conditions are limiting, we don’t give up on striving for something exciting.

Our product team love brand-new products and miscellaneous items. The ability to propose trendy items and items that will become a topic of conversation comes from our daily habit of always looking for something new. We can propose items utilizing our ability to make selections even under difficult conditions such small order quantity or short deadline.


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